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Fridge Raider Soup

Fridge Raider Soup


  • All the veg left at the end of the week in the bottom of the fridge!
  • A little oil
  • 500ml veg stock
  • Crusty bread


  • Chop all the veg to the same size.
  • Heat some oil in a big pan and chuck in all the veg.
  • Pour on the stock (if it doesn’t cover the veg add more water)
  • Boil until the veg is soft
  • Blend to smooth and serve with crusty bread.

Tips and cheats

So my favourite combination is carrot, leek, potato, squash and an onion however you can chuck in literally any veg! I tend to avoid cabbage as the children aren’t keen and we get lots of Gansta Granny quotes! It you want it to be smooth always make sure there is a potato of some sort in there.

I like to add a swirl of Elmlea plant cream if we have some on serving but it isn’t needed!

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